A&P / Pathmark Store Closings Identified - Niccollai Addresses Union Actions

UFCW Local 464A President, John T. Niccollai has identified those A&P and Pathmark branded stores in the Local 464A jurisdiction that are expected to be closed by the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company.  The Company has announced that it will close 25 stores; 5 A&Ps and 9 Pathmarks are within the Local's jurisdiction:

Lodi, New Jersey
East Brunswick, New Jersey
Woodbridge, New Jersey
Maplewood, New Jersey
Yorktown Heights, New York

Belleville, New Jersey (Washington Avenue)
North Bergen, New Jersey
Monsey, New York
North Brunswick, New Jersey
South Plainfield, New Jersey
West Paterson, New Jersey
Fort Lee, New Jersey
Marlboro, New Jersey
Union, New Jersey

Under the WARN Act, the Company has given 60 days notice to the people working in the affected stores that will be closing. Under the Union Collective Bargaining Act, seniority prevails and the least senior people with A&P and Pathmark will be subject to layoffs once "store bumping" has taken place.

President Niccollai stated, "If one job is lost in this economy, it's one job too many". He indicated Local 464A officials would be meeting with A&P and Pathmark to certify the correct seniority lists. In addition, the Union will be working out issues such as pay for any unused time (vacation, sick days), as well as questions concerning Health Care coverage and Pension credits.

President Niccollai stated the Union was notified at approximately 3:15 P.M. on Thursday, August 12th that the Company would be meeting with the members at 8:00 the following morning. The Union sprung into action with Union Reps and Service Reps in all affected stores at 8:00 A.M. on Friday, August 13th.

Once the members with the least seniority have been identified, the Union will work diligently on their behalf to see if placement is possible in another Company store, as well as whether part-time work can be provided. Further, "We will contact our other Union Employers to determine if positions are available there."

The Company indicated that the stores targeted for closing were either under-performing or located close to other Company owned stores. Niccollai stated that he hopes we will see no additional closings, but candidly admitted he has no such assurances from the Company. "This devastating event will allow the membership and the Union to work closely in protecting the affected employees by minimizing the economic hardship."